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Melbourne family lawyers now serve Western Suburban Families also.


Family laws for -marriage, de facto relationships, same-sex partnerships, separation, divorce, child care and support, financial settlement and spousal maintenance, grandparents’ rights over child care, domestic abuse are probably a matter of muddle and wearisome understanding for many. Unless you get someone who can translate these tough-to-understand laws and their implications in a language that you can relate to, you will feel lost in the ocean of legal jargons. All this in the midst of your trying times and mounting financial load.


Families of Melbourne’s western suburbs can benefit from the legal expertise of family lawyers of Melbourne. People from Brimbank, Maribyrnong, Melton, Wyndham and their suburbs can avail legal consultation and representation from the Melbourne’s family lawyers. These lawyers are trained in family laws and are accredited specialists in family laws from Law Institute of Victoria.


When a family or couple decide to part ways and find their paths separately, there is a whole set of issues to be addressed. They cannot walk out of the home and each other’s life just like that! You have to arrange proper care and financial assistance for your children, whether they are born out of the relationship or adopted before you get a divorce.


The family courts do not grant a divorce unless matters related to children are addressed appropriately. We stand by that and offer our best help in the children’s legal issue with the hope that innocent lives don’t suffer in adult’s rifts.


Our expertise lies in handling children related legal issues, financial settlements, legal requirements for separation and divorce, financial agreements and de facto relationships.


Our approach to family law issues is marked by professional, prompt, straightforward and empathetic attributes. Our family lawyers understand how important it is for everyone involved to get the best solution out of their family tussle, where a lot is at stake. Any delay or the unempathetic decision may cause more harm than good to the separating couple and their children.


Rather than litigating or contesting the divorce case and their sub-aspects, our skilled family lawyers prefer to explore alternative legal approaches that benefit the client and their dependents. We are die-hard advocates of mediation, negotiation, conciliation, collaboration and counselling.


Our team of family lawyers are trained in alternative legal practices that our clients swear by to get them a best possible legal solution in their given circumstances. What’s with false promises? We neither stake our credibility nor put our client’s interests in jeopardy. Our lawyers offer frank and practical advice in the context of the client’s situation.


Melbourne’s family lawyers assist the western suburban families to resolve the family issues mutually avoiding conflict and trivial arguments. Jointly resolving disputes by drawing separation, settlement and child care terms voluntarily are the best way to address your family dispute case in short time and less expensive way.


Our family solicitors help our clients with all the legal process, such as applying for consent orders after the terms are agreed by both the parties, intervention orders by the court in case of domestic violence, parenting orders once the separating parents agree to child care and support arrangements.


If the legal process brings emotional and financial hardships as minimal as possible, then it is an ideal legal solution, our veterans say.


Child custody, support and visitation rights, parental abduction are very sensitive and complex issues in a family separation cases. As parents, you may feel overwhelmed by the situations and miss understanding legal implications of the decisions taken on the spur of the moment.


Our services offer to help you out from such tricky situations. Since our initial consultation comes with no tags, let our expert family lawyers give you clarity on your circumstances. The only condition we put to our clients is, to provide all the relevant details regarding their case. We appreciate honest and frank disclosure of events from our clients so that we can help them in the best possible manner and protect their interests.


Our service fees are predictable and need not cause anxiety in the clients. Most of the times the legal expenses are fixed unless there is the requirement of putting a great lot of work in the case. In any case, mediator fees, legal documentation fees, court fees for filing papers have to be paid separately, over the service charges.


Handling a relationship breakdown is not easy. But not every relationship needs to end on a bitter note. Our legal team of family law experts help you deal with your strained relationship in a friendly manner without going to the court. Save your children from all the drama and trauma of parents’ separation and divorce.


Get an initial free consultation with our legal experts to sort your family issue and get going with your life.

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