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Handle your separation confidently, empower yourself!

A call for separation from any or both partners is disheartening indeed. But what is more threatening is the uncertainty it brings to the whole family. Number of questions start doing the rounds in your head; how to handle it? What is my financial status? How am I going to provide to myself and my family? How to go about it? How much will all this cost? How am I supposed to arrange money for divorce process? and so on.

Yes! Separation and an evident divorce further, can blow your head but stay your grounds and try mulling over these pointers below to take you through the process without much bumps:

When you decide to separate:

1.       Get help: Financial, social & emotional.

2.       Chart your expenses

3.       Take stock of your financial position.

4.       Work out a plan in the best interest of your children.

5.       Keep all financial related documents / a copy of them safely organized.

6.       Don’t leave your family home in a tiff. Take all the required things with you and list the property in the house.

7.       Dissolve joint accounts and joint holdings and have an independent account.

After Separation:

1.       Keep communication channel with your ex open and amicable

2.       Children’s interest should be the utmost priority

3.       Negotiate logically with your ex sans the drama

4.       If your partner is not ready to negotiate get the help of mediators or collaborative lawyers.

5.       Pls know that legal advice is necessary before you start negotiating with your partner.

6.       Consent orders are required to legalize any arrangement regarding financial or parental.

7.       Keep a journal record of your negotiations, meetings with your ex, phone calls, important dates and events. You might need it to produce in the court if things are not turning up well.

8.       Have a proper financial plan for future, it helps you navigate your negotiations and gives you an idea of how much you would need to cover your expenses.


It is always best thing to keep the expenses low by seeking assistance of mediators or collaboration lawyers during the divorce process and division of assets. Chances are more that you remain on good books of your ex and your children can enjoy the care and company of both the parents.

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