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Melbourne- Northern Suburban residents, get legal service of Melbourne’s leading family lawyers.


Melbourne’s leading specialist family lawyers offer legal advice to the families of northern suburban regions; Bundoora, Epping, Mill Park, Whittlesea, Woodstock, Eden Park, Thomastown and other outskirt areas of North of Melbourne.


We see that not many families and individuals are aware that seeking legal service for every aspect of their family issues is not as expensive as they thought it would be. Filing a divorce case in the family court and waiting for the court to settle property & finances, child custody, spousal maintenance etc. for you, is not going to serve. If you think divorce process works like this; then NO, you are mistaken!


Firstly, going all out through courts for your divorce is time-consuming,


Secondly, it won’t be easy on your pockets,


Thirdly, the emotional hardship doubles due to contesting the family issue in the court, and

Most importantly, the family courts do not take cases of divorce arrangements for hearing unless they are very complicated, hurt a child’s interest ( if not taken for hearing) or no other means of alternative legal assistance (such as family mediation, counselling, negotiation) helped in resolving the post-separation settlement matters.


The courts now instruct the parties to try mediation, conciliation and counselling to sort their post-divorce arrangments. If parties cannot agree mutually, court representation becomes compulsory.


We, at family lawyers in Melbourne, understand the pros and cons of both ways of approaching a divorce case. Hence, we often advise our clients to maintain a fair-minded relationship with their ex-spouse/ partner and keep an open communication channel.


We deal with all the aspects of family laws; such as,


Children Law – child care arrangements, child custody, child support and payments, child removal, parental child abduction, grandparents visitation rights


Marriage Law – Separation term, divorce proceedings


De facto and same-sex relationship Law – separation term, proof of separation, financial agreement, adopted child care and custody


Assets and MonetaryLaw – Prenup agreement, post-separation agreement, binding financial agreement, valuation of assets and properties, spousal maintenance, superannuation splitting


Domestic ViolenceLaw– intervention orders, restraining orders, social rehabilitation, counselling


Family mediation, negotiations and settlement through collaborative law.


We regard ourselves as responsible citizens to make our world a better and safe place to live for everyone. Our legal intervention revolves around working out sensible and fair settlements to all the parties involved. Our family laws experts aim to help everyone in a family dispute case move on with their lives with hope than insecurity. We leave none of our clients unduly overindulged with their wishes of property share or starved to survive. It is our social responsibility to treat everyone we deal with equality and dignity.


That is why our Accredited family law specialists strive to let the families decide their course of action and arrangements and follow it up by getting legal documents ready. We apply for and obtain law enforcement orders to ensure the agreements are followed through. Unless the provisions are made by willing parties to make amendments, the terms will not be followed in the future. Our experience of serving numerous separating families have taught us this lesson.


The northern suburb families can use our expertise in family law area to walk out of a unfulfilling relationship with dignity and security.


Separation and divorce aren’t easy to anyone. Our family law attorneys understand the sensitivity of the situation and act with utmost compassion and professionalism. We also arrange for legal aid if your case is eligible for one.


For those who do not know about legal aid, let us explain. Legal aid is the concession in legal fees for those who are devoid of funds and cannot pay legal charges ensuing their divorce proceedings. Legal aid is provided to legitimate cases in family law, civil and criminal law issues. Legal aid is for those people who are left with nothing to pay towards legal assistance charges, like victims of domestic abuse.


To be eligible to apply for legal aid, one has to prove the merit of their case and undergo few tests to get concession in legal fees.  Here’s more of legal aid details-


Our family law specialists can facilitate the process of claiming legal aid for you if your case is qualified for one. Contact our legal advisors to check whether you can request legal aid.


We have trained and experienced team of family law solicitors who can efficiently guide you in your separation and divorce case and also represent you in the family court of law for justice if need be.


Although we prefer to keep our clients out of court, we do not hesitate to contest their case in the court, if the other party is condescending and abusive. Our client’s safety and interest are our priority that drives us to provide our best legal assistance to them.


Check out our service by having an upfront discussion with our team of family law lawyers and be ensured that your legal rights will be protected.

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