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How to Find a Family Lawyer?

Family lawyers can be sought to help you with your divorce process, property settlement, child care, family violence, juvenile matters, spousal maintenance, preparing prenuptial agreements etc. You can seek their expert services in any family law disputes.

You can ask your family and friends to refer you a competent family law specialist in Melbourne, research yourself about a good family lawyer in your area, visit their website and check their expertise area. Alternately, you can call Family Relationships Advice Line (1800 050 321) for free legal information and advice.

There are so many family law firms in Melbourne, but how to decide on who is the right one for your situation, is a tricky thing.  We advise you to check the prospective family lawyer on these parameters:

  • Credentials: Make yourself aware of the family lawyer’s accreditation, relevant experience and how long they have been practising and what is there are of expertise in family law.
  • Comfort level: It’s very important that you feel comfortable sharing your personal information with the family lawyer. Do you find him interested in your problem and seem keen to work out a solution? Can you trust him? Answer these questions, before zeroing on your family lawyer.
  • Cost: Cost is an equally important aspect you should consider before hiring a family solicitor’s services. Understand their fee structure and get an estimated cost sheet to have a fair idea of how much you would be shelling out.
  • Proximity: It’s not always easy to travel to other end of the city to visit your family lawyer, especially when you have kids to take care of. It’s advisable that the family lawyer’s firm is near-by. It would be great if the legal advisor or his team can visit you during a weekend to discuss your case. Many family law firms in Melbourne extend their services to accommodate their client’s needs.

Plus, don’t hesitate to ask these questions to a family lawyer you intend to hire. Feel absolutely free to ask any other questions other than these too. Because a divorce is a life-changing event and getting out of it comfortably with the future provision is a great way handling it. Your hired family lawyer can make or mar your case with his/her judgements. So, take all the necessary steps to ensure you are hiring a right family lawyer to represent you.

Some likely questions you can ask:

  1. Since how long he/she is practising?
  2. What is their expertise?
  3. How many cases he/she has handled that were like your situations and what was the outcome?
  4. What does the family lawyer generally prefer: out of court settlements or filing a litigation?
  5. How many out of court settlements the family lawyer has worked out for their previous clients?
  6. How much do they charge and how?
  7. Is there any pay-at-later-date or instalments options available with them?
  8. What would be their working plan in your case?

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