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Federal Circuit Court / Family Court – What’s the Difference?

Federal Circuit Court and Family Court both hear the family dispute cases in Australia under Family Law Act 1975. However, there are some differences in their scope of operation, that are important for you to know to understand which court to apply for.


Federal Circuit Court

1.       Handles simple family law dispute cases

2.       Other than family disputes, it also takes up cases pertaining administrative laws, human rights disputes and general federal law.

3.       Court proceedings are less formal with proceedings.

4.       Economical charges

5.       Faster case closures

6.       The Federal Circuit Court, if finds the family dispute complex; can transfer the same to Family Court.


Family Law Court

1.       Handles intricate family law matters such as

a. Domestic violence issues

b. Complex child custody issues

c. International family law issues

d. Superannuation issues

e. Complex property settlements etc

2.       Family Court can be appealed for hearing against the Federal Circuit Court’s ruling.

3.       The proceedings cost more than Federal Circuit Court

4.       Takes longer for case closures

5.       Family Court has strict regulations and proceedings that must be adhered to by the applicant and his/her family lawyer


Family Lawyers can be consulted to understand which court to apply for your case.

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