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Family Court in Melbourne

The Family Court of Australia helps resolve multifaceted legal family disputes of Australian citizens. There are 7 Family Courts in Australia:

  1. Australian capital territory
  2. New South Wales
  3. Northern Territory
  4. Queensland
  5. South Australia
  6. Tasmania
  7. Victoria

Melbourne Family Court comes under state of Victoria.

The family court is the highest court in Australia to address family disputes as recorded in Parliament in 1975. The court deals with cases pertaining to:

  • Parenting Matters: Child support, child abuse like sexual or other serious cases, domestic violence, complex mental health issues, parenting disputes, international relocations, child removal within or outside Australia, special medical procedures are some of the parenting cases that Family Court addresses to.
  • Financial Matters: Two or more parties involved in stake holding of businesses, trusts, estate properties, superannuation splitting are the cases where Family Court can be approached to resolve disagreements.

The Family Court consists of a Chief Justice, Deputy Justice and other judges and administrative staff to help citizens with their family law disputes. The focus of the family court in Melbourne is to provide lawful solutions to the separating families and ensure child safety and welfare.

The Family Court expects and encourages the parties to seek dispute resolution services of the legal practitioner before filing the case in family court. The dispute resolution services are funded by Australian Federal Government. Avoiding court proceedings and settling the arguments through dispute resolution services is more advantageous as it is cost and time effective mode of dispute resolution.

In cases where, someone cannot afford a family lawyer in Melbourne, Family Relationship Advice Line and Legal Aid Organizations can be sought to provide free legal advice and information on family laws.

The Family Court immediately intervenes in cases of utmost emergency, child abuse or family violence. If out of the court resolution efforts don’t work out, you can file a case in the Family Court. There on, your case hearing and any follow up will happen in this same Family Court.

If you are representing yourself in the Family Court, the Duty Lawyers will assist you by referring family lawyers and family dispute resolution services, provide information on family laws, help you with applying for – legal aid, emergency applications, preparing documents and assisting in court room.

They are available: from Monday to Friday : 9am -1pm on Level 2.

Court etiquettes you are expected to follow:

  1. You should be present in the court at least 30 minutes before your hearing.
  2. Any electronic recording devices are not permitted in the court room.
  3. Bring all the necessary documents and keep them arranged beforehand.
  4. You must inform your presence to the person assisting court officer / judicial officer.
  5. You will be called when your case comes up for hearing.
  6. You shouldn’t make any distractive noises in the court room.
  7. Place yourself at the bar table when called upon.
  8. If any of your friend or family member has accompanied you, make sure they sit in the audience. They are not allowed to sit with you or speak on your behalf.
  9. No fancy dressing like hats, sunglasses etc.

Where is Family Court in Melbourne and How to reach there:

Owen Dixon Commonwealth Law Courts Building (cnr Latrobe Street), 305 William Street, Melbourne.

Timings: 8.45 am – 4.30 pm

The Family Court is above the Flagstaff Railway Station.

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