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Family Court Fees in Melbourne

You need to pay some fees towards the court proceedings right from applying for a divorce. These fees are not decided by the Family Courts, instead, the fee is decided by the Federal Government Regulations Family Law (Fees) Regulations 2012.

Please note that GST doesn’t apply to the Family Court fees.

Below are the Family Court Fees in Melbourne applicable from 1 st July 2016:

Application for

  1. consent orders: $160
  2. decree as to nullity: $1225
  3. decree as to nullity (reduced fee): $410
  4. validity of marriage, Divorce Annulment: $1225

Initiating Application for

  1. parenting / financial cases, final only: $330
  2. parenting / financial cases, final and interim: $445
  3. parenting and financial cases, final only: $545
  4. parenting and financial cases, final and interim: $660

Court Event Fees

  1. Hearing fees at Family Court, non-refundable: $825
  2. Daily hearing fee (except on first day): $825
  3. Conciliation conference: $380
  4. Response to initiating application, final: $330
  5. Interim Order application in parenting and/or financial cases: $115
  6. Notice of appeal to the full court including an appeal from the Federal Circuit Court: $1305
  7. Application for leave to appeal: $1305
  8. Application under the Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act: $115
  9. Filing an application to register a New Zealand judgement: $105
  10. Issue Subpoena (including subpoena in an arbitration): $55

Initiating applications that request interim and final orders are also charged additional interim order fee. To provide an example:

  1. Suppose you are filing for – Initiating application for parenting and financial cases, final @ $545

+ Interim order application @ $115

= Total fee would be $660

  1. Suppose you are filing for – Initiating application for parenting or financial cases, final & interim @ $445

+ Interim Order Application @ $115

= Total fee would be $560

If you are a holder of Government Concession Card or prove that you are facing financial crisis you are eligible for a reduction of fees:

  1. While applying for divorce (it is applicable to both the parties during joint application) OR
  2. for applying decree of nullity

Other than the above you would be eligible for exemption of all other application fees.

Payment of Family Court fees in Melbourne can be done by:

(Visa / Master Card) Credit Card, which is accepted in person or by mail.

Eftos / debit card, should be paid only in person.

Some of the application fees can be paid online by Visa / Master Card – debit/credit card in Commonwealth Courts Portal.

You can also pay court fees online, once you are in receipt of PID number on:

You can as well pay by cheque or money order payable to Federal Court of Australia.

# You are required to fill a credit card payment form if you are paying by credit card. This form must be included with any mailed application or request by the Family Court. Don’t fax it unless you’re specifically asked to do so.

Credit cards are also acceptable while applying for online divorce on Commonwealth Courts website.

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