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Family lawyers in Melbourne are known for first-rate client service with the utmost professionalism and working out practical legal solutions for the family disputes. The team of expert family lawyers, here, understand the need for quick and timely legal address to the family issues to minimise the ill effects of delayed decisions later on.


We now work with families of the eastern suburbs too. Now families from Croydon, Ringwood, Doncaster East, Wantirna, Malvern East and other areas can reach out to our trained family lawyers. Family laws are a hard nut for many individuals and are caught in confusion, not knowing their legal rights and responsibilities and end them up in huge financial and emotional loss.

Our family lawyers can be sought to address:


  • Property and financial settlements
  • Child custody and support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Financial agreements
  • Consent Orders
  • Prenup agreements
  • De facto relationships
  • Separation in marriage and de facto partnerships
  • Same sex relationships
  • Grandparents rights
  • Mediation
  • Collaboration
  • Restraining orders and injunctions
  • Parental child abduction
  • Parenting disputes
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Post-separation agreement
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Court Intervention orders
  • International divorce
  • International child abduction – Hague Convention


Our team of lawyers are Accredited Specialists and experts in family laws.


Each family dispute is a unique situation involving children, finances, adults, home and lots of uncertainty. They need a legal redressal that facilitates a smooth transition to separate living with adequate financial support and less trauma.


There cannot be a single standard solution that fits all the individuals and families. All our lawyers recognise this and passionately work to bring equal justice to all the parties involved.


Individuals and families of eastern suburb can contact our family lawyers to seek consultation or hire to represent them in the family court.


Our lawyers deftly recognise the important issues in a family dispute and advise the clients by sound judgment and viable reality in the context of their situation. People in the Melbourne’s eastern suburbs can utilise the expertise of our experienced family lawyers to handle their family dispute cases.


Our initial consultation is free, and service fees are fixed and reasonable.


Mutual resolution of disputes: We believe in bringing the parties to table for a thorough discussion and create a conducive environment for the clients to figure out the best arrangement for themselves and help them with legal processes to follow through the agreed settlement.


We assist our clients by negotiating, mediating and collaborating with other experts to bring a best possible legal solution to their family dispute situation. All through the process, we assure to maintain the confidentiality of the information you share with us.


Our lawyers are straightforward and driven by facts. We don’t give you wishy-washy advice that does not hold legal significance or take too much time to get done. Time is the essence when dealing with family cases. Unnecessary legal roundups escalate your expenses. We do not waste your time nor financial resources just to give you the impression that we are working hard!


Unless taking your case to the family court is the only option, our family solicitors refrain from litigating the family matter in the court. Apart from legal costs slurring up, the court proceedings are mostly emotionally draining and traumatic for the children.


Legal process: We explain the applicable family laws and legal process in simple terms to the clients, so that they understand what is their legal rights and obligations are and be prepared for the outcome. Although, our client’s opinion matter to us, it is against our conviction to override our ethics and judgement of the situation. Our legal experts stand to protect you and your loved one’s interests, without compromising on our values.


Different aspects of family dispute need different approaches – Parenting arrangement and child custody need to be handled sensitively whereas financial and property settlements need facts and figures to arrive at a decision.


Australian legal system now recognizes De facto relationships and same-sex relationships, and family laws apply to such partnerships. However, there are some differences in the legal process the way separation, surrogacy, financial settlements are dealt with in these relationships.


Quite often we spot that the laws seem intimidating to the couple and discourage their relationship. The best we can say is, we are here to help in Melbourne and around Melbourne too.


We take domestic violence very seriously and apply for legal action immediately to assure the safety of the victim and the dependents.


Book an appointment to talk to our expert family lawyers and have a heart-to-heart discussion with them to know where you stand legally.

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