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Why Collaborative Approach is Gaining Popularity?

Collaborative Law at the core emphasizes on empowering the parties by facilitating skilled negotiations and settling the crucial matters in family separation like child custody, parental arrangements, financial arrangements, out of court.

Both parties and the collaborating team consent in writing to settle the matter without court involvement. If the collaborative approach fails, that is quite unlikely, you would have to hire different family law attorneys; as the collaborative lawyers, will not represent your case in the court.

The collaborative law revolves around the idea of reaching a settlement in a humane way focusing on emotional and financial safety and security of both the parties.

The advantages of collaborative approach to divorce is:

·       Both parties communicate openly and maintain cordial relationship with each other throughout the process.

·       Children are the most important part of the settlement process

·       Both the ex-spouses / partners must be honest while sharing the information.

·       No hidden agendas of lawyers or the parties because everybody will be working to reach an amicable and best solution for the family.

·       Co-parenting is the best outcome that is usually achieved by collaborative way.

·       You save big on time and money and not to mention emotional roller coaster.


Collaborative approach can be worked out in various FORMATS, such as;

Team Involvement:

Experts from various backgrounds assist you in arriving at a holistic solution. For example- Psychologists for counselling, child specialists for child counselling and support, financial planners for financial arrangements, property valuers for assessing market value of assets, family lawyers for legal advice input you on all the aspects that are important in a divorce process.

The team meets at agreed time and place to draw the options and best solutions. No discussion happens in the absence of separating partners.

Once all the arrangements are agreed upon, legal experts (collaborative lawyers) prepare the documents and suggest necessary legal processes to make the arrangement legally binding on both the partners.

Collaborative Lawyer Involvement:

In this approach, a team of experts as mentioned in the above case do not take part in negotiations. Instead, two collaborative lawyers representing their clients carry out the negotiations and arrive at settlements. Here, the family lawyers trained in collaborative law carry out the negotiation process.

Neutral Expert Involvement:

Initially collaborative lawyers assisting the parties start the negotiation and try to come to agreeable arrangements and as and when need arises for expert advice, such experts as financial planners, property valuers, child care experts, psychologists are brought in. These experts are again trained in collaborative approach and assist the negotiation process.

The key factor in this approach is the panel of expert advisors is appointed by both the parties and their collaborative lawyers together. The outcome of the negotiations will be unbiased and holistic, as the panel of experts remain neutral while advising the parties.

Talk to your family lawyers to arrange a collaboration team to resolve your family separation process peacefully. After all, peace is everybody’s right!

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