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Who Gets What in a Divorce Settlement? (Division of Assets in Divorce)

Sharing of assets is an important aspect while a couple is separating. It is very complicated calculation and tedious process. You can start working on asset sharing arrangements while being separated or even if you are contemplating separation from your partner. Below are some of the cases throwing light on how assets are treated and divided among partners/spouses. The division of assets in divorce will not be shared in 50:50 ratio. The reason being the Family Court in Melbourne must consider many factors like contribution, health, age, earning capacity of everyone, child care, medical conditions and treatments et al. to decide on...

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Top 10 Family Lawyers in Melbourne

Here is the list of top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne, you can approach in case you are thinking of separation and divorce or other family issues: Coote Family Lawyers Found in 2002 by Gillion Coote it is the leading family law firm with extraordinary focus on personal touch in family law matters. Gillion is an Accredited Family Law Specialist. The firm exclusively work in family law area and has all the expertise it takes to help you. Coote Family Law firm has also received Doyles Guide – Best Family Law firm award for the year 2016. Taussig Cherrie Fildes The expertise...

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When Can I Get My Superannuation Out?

By norm you need to reach your preservation age, to claim your superannuation amount. When you reach preservation age and retire. When you reach your preservation age and plan for your retirement while still working. When you reach 65 years of age whether you have retired or not. When you are 60 years of age and have stopped working in employment set up. But there are some circumstances allowed by law to get your superannuation early. You are required to directly apply for the release of superannuation funds if you meet any of these criteria: Leaving Australia forever Long term...

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Property Settlement in Divorce in Melbourne

The property/ asset division and settlement can be a daunting experience in a divorce process. Your future financial stability largely depends on that especially either of the partner is not working. If you have binding financial agreement or pre-nup financial agreement or consent orders of the court in place or if you and your partner can decide amicably on sharing of property out of court; the process can be easy with just complying with legal documents and materializing the agreement/ consent order. However, to enforce a financial agreement or to settle the property sharing in case of absence of consensus between...

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How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Melbourne?

There is no set chart for the cost incurred in divorce process. Cost involved varies from case to case basis. There is no cookie cutter method to fit all. If you hire a family lawyer in Melbourne, your cost of divorce will automatically increase. Doing your divorce, yourself always works cheaper. However, there are filing fees you should bear. If your separation and divorce case is complicated, your family lawyer will charge you more as per the work involved. Don’t forget to talk to two more family law consultants and take their quotes before deciding on your representing family lawyer in...

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Family Court Fees in Melbourne

You need to pay some fees towards the court proceedings right from applying for a divorce. These fees are not decided by the Family Courts, instead, the fee is decided by the Federal Government Regulations Family Law (Fees) Regulations 2012. Please note that GST doesn’t apply to the Family Court fees. Below are the Family Court Fees in Melbourne applicable from 1 st July 2016: Application for consent orders: $160 decree as to nullity: $1225 decree as to nullity (reduced fee): $410 validity of marriage, Divorce Annulment: $1225 Initiating Application for parenting / financial cases, final only: $330 parenting / financial cases, final and...

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Family Court in Melbourne

The Family Court of Australia helps resolve multifaceted legal family disputes of Australian citizens. There are 7 Family Courts in Australia: Australian capital territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Melbourne Family Court comes under state of Victoria. The family court is the highest court in Australia to address family disputes as recorded in Parliament in 1975. The court deals with cases pertaining to: Parenting Matters: Child support, child abuse like sexual or other serious cases, domestic violence, complex mental health issues, parenting disputes, international relocations, child removal within or outside Australia, special medical procedures are some of...

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The Legal Side of Surrogacy in Melbourne

Australian society is witnessing a rising trend in surrogate pregnancy. Hence, it’s very important to know the legal complexities that are attached with it. Social conditions like, being single, GLBTI partners, infertility, repeated IVF failures and physiological conditions like, hysterectomy, cancer patients / survivors, cardiovascular medical circumstances, blood auto immune disorder - are some of the reasons why surrogacy in Australia is gaining acceptance from the couples. The woman who acts as a carrier of the embryo is called the Surrogate. The embryo is either conceived by the sperm / egg donor or the intended parents. By IVF method, the egg is...

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