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Alcohol Abuse and Getting Divorced – What You Need to Know?

alcohol abuse

If you are in a marriage where your spouse is an alcoholic then this must be a difficult trauma for your family. There are various ups and downs related to this situation that can impact your family to a high negative extent. Besides a lot of medical issues related to the alcoholism, there are also emotional harms done to you, the children, and other family members.

Deciding the perfect way to approach this situation involves a great deal of consideration and thought. Even once you decided the approach it is hard to feel absolutely comfortable with your self-decision.

Most of the people decide to give their ending marriage a second chance, and before going through a divorce, the first attempt to attend a counselling session or attend a rehabilitation therapy. Even if you consider going for a divorce then it is not essential that you involve a child custody dispute during the divorce process.

As divorce attorneys, we would like to shower our thoughts on the impact of alcohol on marriage and getting divorces. Even when kids are involved then the situation is even more problematic and difficult to maintain.

Feeling Distressed with an Alcoholic Husband but the Correct Way to React

It is absolutely understandable that you feel disgusted, upset and angry at your spouse is he has disclosed an unwillingness to deal with alcohol addiction. It is not necessary that all those people who drink alcohol lack the ability control their behaviour due to psychological and physiological factors, but most of them actually suffer this problem.

Besides that, other people, like you have the potential to make positive decisions for themselves or at least listen to aspects of the loved ones to make informed decisions on their behalves if they are not able to take proper care of themselves.

What must you do?

As your initial step in the situation like this may be to file a divorce for the very first time and to involve in a contentious custody dispute with your partner. In certain situations, particularly when physical violence is involved such a reaction might be justified.

However, I would suggest that in the majority of divorce cases where one of the spouses is an alcohol abuser such a thought mode is not the best decision to proceed.

Letting a Dispute Resolve Out of the Court

The divorce process allows both the parties the opportunity to settle their disputes outside the courtroom. You can either go for the direct negotiation approach with one another or can plan attorney based negotiations or formal mediation to get proper resolution for your divorce with an alcoholic partner.

It is better to solve such cases out of the courtroom as because court settlements can be longer than expected. Also, the out of the court negotiations with one another on various issues that you as well as your family is experiencing can be discussed in the much more comprehensive way. As a result, it is possible to avail a fruitful settlement for your divorce case.

This can have a long-ranging impact on the various aspects of divorce, particularly for the agreements that can be achieved regarding visitation and custody of your child.

You and your partner are better aware of the intentions of the judge that require addressing and how to address them in the best way. The best intentions of a judge are to create an order that is beneficial to both, but with a `limited amount of knowledge and experience regarding the family dynamics this might sometimes be difficult or lead to inappropriate decision making.

So, if you wish to avoid the courtroom battle that can generate further animosity between you and your spouse, then let allow your case to be handled by experts out of the court can help you reach a viable decision for your potential conflicts.

We are effective and sympathetic advocates for families. If you wish to know more about our services or want to avail our support then please do not hesitate and contact us today!

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