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Family Law Specialist in Melbourne

Separation is a very distressful phase in a couple’s life. It can be hurtful and harming to all the concerned parties. It’s always logical to seek help from the experts when in situation of doubt and despair. The partners generally would not know what to expect of the future and where do they stand today with the decision of separation. That’s where Family Lawyers Melbourne can help you!

Divorce, Property settlement issues or Parenting disputes

When you are going through the traumatic phase of divorce, property settlement issues or parenting disputes it’s advised to consult family law lawyers over a general law practitioner. These family law specialists are qualified family court lawyers recognized by most acclaimed Law Institute of Victoria.  These family law lawyers can handle your family disputes in the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Courts Deal with Family Law Matters

There are two courts that deal with family law matters: one is The Family Court of Australia and the other is The Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Both these Registries of Melbourne are located at 305 William Street.

Some of the best family lawyers in CBD Melbourne are Melbourne Family Lawyers (Earlier Auditore Specialist Family Lawyers), Nicholes Family Lawyers, Blackwood Family Lawyers, Victoria Legal Aid, Berry Family Law and Mathews Family Law and Mediation Services. These family court lawyers take it to the court only if the mediation between both the parties fail. The utmost priority for these Melbourne CBD family lawyers is to settle the family disputes amicably out of court; as the court proceedings are costly and take lot of time. It would be more damaging if the child is concerned in such family disputes.

Family Law Firms

Family law firms in Melbourne also suggest counselling services to the child involved, if need be. Some of the family lawyers offer the first appointment for free and charge the subsequent appointments. If your financial position is budget stringed you can defer the lawyer payment for some time.

Assistance of Family Law Firms

You can take assistance of family law firms in Melbourne for prenuptial arrangements, divorce filing and proceedings, spousal support, financial assistance and settlement, child support and custody arrangements, domestic violence and protection, mediation / out of court settlements, Assets assessment and sharing of the same, superannuation sharing etc. Other than the above family law disputes, these family lawyers in Melbourne also deal with range of other things that demand equal or more attention like post-divorce support and parenting plans and settlement in collaboration with both the spouses and professional experts (like property assessment and advisors, child care experts, counsellors).


School of Family Law Firms

There is another school of family law firms in Melbourne like Marguerite Picard who staunchly believes in mediating and collaborating and settling the separation amicably between the partners than contesting in the court. This belief is catching up and is growing so strong that they specialize in the out of court settlements. Family law specialists also advice on same-sex law, de facto law and relocation (national and international). If a partner chooses to settle abroad with the child, necessary representation is provided in Family Court and International Family Law respectively.

You need not wait till the divorce is decreed by the Family Court to work out the parenting and financial arrangements with your spouse and lawyers. Once you have decided to separate, you should be separated by your spouse for minimum of 12 months to file for divorce. Even after ruling you get about a month’s time to reconsider the divorce and act on it. Many of the Melbourne family law firms arrange for free first appointment with the clients to understand the client’s situation and preferences. If the client chooses to take the services of such family law firm after the first meeting, a cost estimation is given the client to represent them in the Family Court or undertake mediation.

Family Law advice

The Family Law advices are based on the extensive knowledge and expertise the family law specialists have gained over a period representing their clients in the Courts of Law. The clients can benefit by their knowledge as to when to contest the case in Courts of Law and when it is better to settle out of the court. Many family lawyers in Melbourne know the judges and their preferences and hence can have a weighed say in whether to wait for the Family Court’s proceedings or deliberate for mediation and out of court settlement. Largely, when in such divorce cases where children are involved, the fighting parents are brought together to agree on smooth parenting, custody and upbringing plans, so the child doesn’t get affected negatively. If need be counsellor’s aid is provided too for the child.

The family lawyers Explaination

The family lawyers in Melbourne explain to you every possible way of addressing the family law dispute practically and dedicatedly meeting your needs in the shortest possible timeframe and lesser legal costs that otherwise could have cost you dearly. You will need to know in the first place what you are entitled to and liable for when you think of separation from your spouse. However hard and stressful it is, you should understand what to expect from the separation from a legal standpoint and plan your and your child’s future accordingly.

Melbourne Family lawyers’ help can be sought in surrogacy, child abduction and seeking the intervention of Hague Convention, adoptions and parenting disputes along with other family law cases. It is generally the children who get affected severely in the turf between the spouses, so professional help is always a good thing. The faster the separation sorts out better for everyone concerned to move on with their life.

International family laws

International family laws are handled by Melbourne CBD family law firms. The separation case demands application of international family laws if a spouse is not residing in Australia or the marriage is not taken place in Australia or is a resident of some other country. International family law also applies to the cases where a parent wants to relocate to other country with the child. Family law lawyers in such cases represent you in the court of law to put forth your case and convince the magistrate of the necessity to travel with the child to another country. The court makes sure the child gets necessary care and support, before allowing the parent to relocate to other country with the child.

Most of the family law firms in Melbourne charge fixed fee for the legal service to lessen your anxiety of mounting and uncertain expenses. Only in some cases the legal service fee may vary; that will be promptly updated to the clients to decide whether to take the legal service of a family law practitioner.

The initial process of seeking legal advice

The initial process of seeking legal advice is exhausting in the tough times you are going through. Hence, you need not travel all the way to the family law firms in Melbourne either as they can visit you at your place of convenience even over a weekend. Most of them follow this to avoid any inconvenience to already stressed client. All the care is taken as far as possible to make the legal advancements less intimidating and stressful.

In cases of family violence and abuse, on your application, the family Court lawyers can bring intervention orders from court to protect you and your child of any domestic violence. The intervention guarantees your and your child’s protection and action against the abuser.

Share the legal burden with the professional family law specialists in Melbourne for smooth transition through your tough phase and plan for better future. Inexperienced advices from family and friends, however well-meaning, can turn out to be expensive monetary wise and may also harm your child’s growth in the process.

Laws. Kept Simple.

 Understanding the laws can be daunting. Especially, if you are dealing with separation and divorce in your personal life. Comprehending the family laws and taking action that suit your situation is never easy. Our blog posts are written as plainly as possible to take away the complexity out of the family laws. Even if you are thinking of separation, reading our blog posts will give you required information and enable you to know your options.

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